Fantasy, creative ideas, visual directions, emotions, atmosphere and systematic approach are the basic concepts of creation for me.

I am very pleased to welcome you on my portfolio. By now I work as a creative freelancer living in Prague (the Czech Republic). I can offer professional approach and creativity with more than  10 years of experience in the field of the visual industry.

I tried to imprint this philosophy into my logo. It's about connecting technical procedures
and unlimited creative approach.

I move dynamically in the area of creation digital visualizations and montage, retouching, animation, visual effects for commercials and film, multimedia and intermedia area.
I have rich experience in the preproduction and preconception and collaboration in diverse teams of people. In the field of 3D graphics I regularly lecture and teach.


I like learning and I am open to new areas of cooperation.

If you are interested in my profile, there is no problem to contact me or to make an appointment, where I would discuss with pleasure your creative visions or offers on collaboration.

03 jan-brukner


He focuses on wide range of visual art since its beginnings by making of the visual idea, (pre)conception and development of the visual style. | see my selected concepts |


Technically, he specializes in the realization of static visuals, 3D motion design and visual effects for commercials, television and film.
Thematically, he is primarily focused on the development of the environment and landscapes in the context of a live action film
or purely animated film. | see my selected works |


College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar in Prague - CAP - Maxon Cinema 4D Academy Program
| see student 3D gallery |

CONTACT ME  cell     :  +420 721235897 email :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As for 3D graphics, I think that most important is that the person enjoys the work. Such a complex and demanding area is really a matter of enthusiasm for it. Then it is up to each 3D graphics designer which way he/she wants to go. 3D graphics is both about artistic sensation and about technological perfection, which is based on physics and mathematics. Artistic and technological viewpoints meet here much more obviously as opposed to conceptual art. In practice I meet many people who are very different in their approach and opinions on production. As a result, there arises a community which is mutually fresh and more than ever we can see art and science intersect here. That is why I think 3D graphics is so beautiful and has a great perspective.    

(from interview for 11/2007)

Skills & Favorite tools


Selected Work Experience

This is a short historic of how I started and where I am now:

2016 - 2019

BrainzVR - Art Director and 3D speciallist

Creative agency providing complex virtual reality and augmented reality services. We produce premium immersive interactive experiences.


2009 - present

Freelance Creative Artist

BRAER is a significant russian producer of burnt earthen building features. The advertisement might look like a sci-fi. But except the sci-fi design itself, it is not very far from reality, when production line is fully automatized... At the turn of 2012/2013 I worked on preconception and conception. The result was several visual studies and complete designs of a robotic hi-tech factory for production of earthen building features, like bricks and blocks.SEE FULL STORY

Music clip for band G-STRINX and their song ANGELDUST. Four locations, three different methods of mattepaintings plus a little bit of vfx. Clip was realized in studio Eallin Animation. Close collaboration with director Karel Brezina. Noir music clip under directing of Karel Brezina and with a camera of Jan J. Filip was a nice surprise for me when I first saw materials from filming. In czech surroundings it was something special. Quality picture made by a camera Panavision Genesis was alternated with precise and visual creative postproduction by Jan Cerny. I was invited to this clip as a 3D mattepainter. My task was to do three basic (animated) locations. SEE FULL STORY

"JARMARA" Visual styling and realization of virtual environments for TV/PRINT/WEB campaign JARMARA.AT - online labyrinth in archive of fictitious genius and inventor Jara Cimrman...So it was an interesting challenge and there was a lot of inspiration for playing with motifs, visuals and atmosphere. I was happy for such a big freedom in creation. The work on project itself was made in two phases by me.The first part was working on a visual concept for a short time, development and realization of a surreal environments (mattepaints) for a TV spot. The second part of my job was realization of the original environment of Jarmara´s labyrinth, where is a guidepost with Jara Cimrman´s work  for lost pilgrims.SEE FULL STORY

Visual design of the interactive Christmas card for czech traditional non-alcoholic drink KOFOLA. At the beginning there was making of visual designs, next discussing the designs and in the end complete realization of stylized illustrations.The main motif in the task from advertising agency KASPEN and web studion BRAINZ was surreal jukebox, which was set into fairytale Christmas environment. Part of the task was to reflect czech realia adressing to the czech consumer. I dealt with this by choosing classical elements characteristic (not only) for Northern Bohemia: a village with half-timbered houses and a church, village pond with a snowman or tourist symbols, which reference to traditional czech tourism or Jizerske Mountains. There is a classical dominant of the town of Liberec - Ještěd mountain on the horizon. SEE FULL STORY


2009 - 2014

Working for ACE Postproduction

Fairy tale V Peřině (THE MAGICAL DUVET), directed and filmed by Frantisek Brabec, was a big experience with real 3D stereoscopic film, which combined life action with CGI 3D environment. At the beginning my task was to create a design of a fairy tale world of dreams inside a duvet. After reading a script I created several environment designs in combination with actors. I covered the main location town Pisek in my designs by dreamy duvets. My inspiration was a classical quilted blanket, patchworks and child theme - contrast of girl toys and toys for boys. After presenting and approving the designs the realization started. SEE FULL STORY

Family TV series, which is located to historical backgrounds between 1918 - 1945 in Czechoslovakia, in the period of the first republic. Within this drama and unpretentious family tv series there are historical locations. So, there were quite big environments editing. The plot is placed mainly to Prague-Podoli. I worked on preconception, studied historical documents like maps and photos to roughly reconstruct historical locations. Next I took some photos in these exteriors today, than we created them to their historical image in studio ACE (Spoon studio Praha). One of the most complicated scenes was a panoroma from Prague´s historical fort Vysehrad. Changes compared to today´s situation were dramatical. SEE FULL STORY

Into the ocean's depth and close to unapproachable Islands of Madagascar with epic family documentary ALDABRA 3D. It's made in real stereoscopy. ACE POST (Spoon) realized postproduction and VFX. It was an ongoing work for more than two years with CG environments and 3D mattepaints. Film not yet released. (STORY IS WIP)

2007 - 2017

Tutor at College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar

College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar in Prague,
CAP - Maxon Cinema 4D Academy Program, | SEE STUDENT 3D GALLERY |  (STORY IS WIP)
2007 - 2009

Working for Universal Production Partners (UPP)

"The Nutckracker" - In 2007 I was asked to become a part of a film  team. Then almost two years of my collaboration with studio UPP started. The postproduction of this VFX movie was a big school and experience for me. I met many top professionals and great artists. Some parts of the (post)production were really exhausting, others were a nice relaxation. SEE FULL STORY

The Pandorum was the other film, which I worked on in studio UPP. In this case I was specialized on creation of digital surfaces and completion of environments. One of the most difficult part was texturing of the huge spaceship of the same name, on which a few graphic designers worked together. This texturing included various types of maps, like specular, dirt, metalic maps or maps for lights and so on. SEE FULL STORY

The SEASON OF THE WITCH was my last film project with collaboration of studio UPP for about half a year. In the postproductive phase of the movie I worked again on digital surfaces and scenes completation. Starting with character texturing and finishing with buildings and environments. SEE FULL STORY

2005 - 2007

Coworking with Pavel Sadílek(3Desade)

Music clip for LENKA DUSILOVA and her VLCI OCI (Wolf Eyes). My first collaboration with director Pavel Sadilek. Main work on this project for me was concept and realization of fantasy characters of giraffe-snails...SEE FULL STORY

In 2005 I was interviewed by director Pavel Sadilek, he asked me to collaborate on a jingle for Czech television´s new travel magazine NA CESTE. Those days he liked my older sketches of a flying boat called "Drakar" and other older concepts which defined the visual direction and main motifs of the jingle. First, it was made in format PAL, the first widescreen in format 16:9 on Czech TV. SEE FULL STORY

ANNA K as VECERNICE (Vesper). Four-minute full CG clip in a combination with a live life action of the singer and interesting background actors. Two creators and one month of intensive working on a visual (post)production. Year 2006. Me and Pavel Sadilek experienced one month of intensive creation and big exhaustion. 



The beginning of the road

2002 - present

Get started with 3D world


INSIDE OF A BOOK was my first experience with an independent short animated movie, which I tried to realized between 2002 - 2003. It was an author´s piece working with parables and atmospere with surreal features. Just a few fragments from the animation in a worse quality and some previews are preserved, which you can see here. SEE FULL STORY